A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Dorothy and Other News from Kansas

A riddle for you: How many babies does it take to dismantle a room? It is a trick question; just one. My little man of eleven months has an adept skill of keeping himself occupied for impressive lengths of time, provided the entire room looks as though it’s been burglarized. As he sets about exploring, I am convinced he spends so much time whirling about because he is a guided missile in search of whatever object of fascination that could kill him.

While I understand and truly appreciate his marvel at the world around, I will never revel in his seemingly instinctual desire to suckle the toilet, shred any cord provided it is plugged in, or celebrate his newfound freedom with the confetti we conveniently house in our trashcans.

Yes, my little man is endlessly curious. I could spend hours watching him view the world and its live and inanimate objects with the wonder of novelty. His concentration as he examines a cube before finding something hard to bang it against are some of my happier times throughout the course of a day…provided he doesn’t move on to the coaster against the coffee table. That, my friends, is really loud.

My son approaches all aspects of his environment with enthusiastic heavy breathing and giggles, crawling from one room to another. As my husband notes: he will have a profitable career as a crank caller.

With his enthusiasm in mind, I not so enthusiastically clean up the aftermath of my Dervish a plethora throughout the day. Admittedly, I can’t help but smile watching him stand up once again to reach a shelf and gleefully pull down all the contents I only moments before replaced. Besides, while he artfully destroys yet another room, it gives me a moment to see his smiling face…and ensure I closed the toilet lid.

What are your thoughts?

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