A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Five Second Rule

My little man increasingly enjoys feeding himself.  Recently I gave him a bowl containing a handful of Cheerios; I’m told the stable of every toddler finger food.  Standing at the coffee table with his bowl in front, he grabs small handfuls of his snack and places it on the table.  Once the crispy O’s were resting in their piles, he proceeds to grab smaller amounts to return to his bowl.  When he was satisfied with his endeavor, one by one he intensely watches each O he drops on the floor; this will be the apparatus from which he eats.  With no witnesses, I figure there is nothing on the ground that will kill him, so I smile and watch him jam his fists of cereal against his mouth.

A bit later as I read him a book I like, but inspires apathy within him, he decides the elephants should partake.  Pushing uneaten remnants against the page as if to say, “Don’t they like Cheerios too, Mommy?”  Most likely so, Little Man, most likely so…

What are your thoughts?

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