A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Look Out Below!

I’m not sure if it’s because of my gender, but I don’t understand the gravitational pull of explosions and crashing.  Clearly, it’s a thing because there are several programs committed to the cause.  And, while the purpose eludes me, I believe I understand its origins.

If Mr. Man is fussy, one look no further than building a tall block tower to lighten his heavy spirits.  Once erected, he dives face first into whatever sculpture quickly achieved before the plow of crawling toddler becomes aware.  This act in itself is hilarious, if for no other reason than the thrill of watching my son’s pure enjoyment, but there is an added endearment.  As he hurls himself into each artful alignment, he does so mouth open.  Often at the tail end of his destruction he carries in his mouth the spoils of his demolition, laughing all the way.


What are your thoughts?

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