A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Welcome to the Jungle

Part of my weekly strength training regimen entails my two foot tall trainer advising me on my positioning for optimal muscular benefits.  My lunges are spent with my son crouched in midrise, lightly gripping my knee.  He’s giggling with each dip until he returns to his charging position in order to head butt my back leg.

Pushups are spent with my toddler portraying his finest representation of a cat.  Crawling under me several times before rubbing his head on my moving arms.

My favorite exercises, however, are my abdominal.  For whatever reason, me lying on my back indicates for my son that I double as a backyard play set apparatus.  At this point, my junior Olympian is in the midst of full out laughs of delight as he positions his hands on my belly to stand before launching his entire body over my middle.  Then he wiggles his way over me before lying parallel for just a moment.  It isn’t long before he is ready to re-experience Mommy as a speed bump, and while my routine is less than efficient, is there a more motivating factor?

What are your thoughts?

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