A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

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It began with my husband and his great appreciation for asparagus that neither my son nor I bought.  Mr. Man has preferences now, not consistent ones, mind you, but he declares what he will eat and when.  Fortunately, such edicts are agreeable to most things.

But, that night it was asparagus, which spurred on future dialogues about the contents of his meals.  Little Man sits in is high chair gorging himself on whatever protein is available, ignoring the fruit or vegetable that I know he enjoys.  Yesterday it was halved grapes.  He finished his veggie burger with great zeal before I selected a grape off his tray to demonstrate the tastiness of the offering.  I smile with an enthusiastic, “Mmm…” that fell short of my husband’s exhortations, but communicated my point well enough.  On cue, my son smiles, selecting a grape half, and hands it to me.  I thank him as I appreciate the sweet crispness; he rewards me with a smile and selects another for me to enjoy.  We have several exchanges before he chooses one of the few remaining grapes for himself.  He has his rhythm, so I give him more.

Spontaneously, I hold my flat palm to him.  He smiles and shares one of his grapes before clutching another for himself.

With this process he makes a joke, attempting the feed his sippy cup a grape and laughing at the impossibility…always the generous one…Or not, sometimes he hopes the sippy cup will eat his undesirables like the dog we will refuse to adopt…

My favorite, however, is the fake-out.  He holds out a grape to me, but as I greet his hand with my own, he pulls back, jamming the grape through smiling lips.

What are your thoughts?

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