A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Story Time

My fourteen-month-old had a friend over the other day; well I’m telling him they are friends anyway.  A sweet little girl just under a year who showed great interest in eating my son’s books.  Per his usual way of requesting literary entertainment, he throws a desired book at me.  I continue to read after he walks off; I’ve come to understand he often likes listening to the story in the background while he plays on the floor.  His friend sitting at my feet, captivated by one of Little Man’s favorites.  She crawls over and pads up my leg to a standing position, holding my knee for balance, riveted by the story.  It didn’t take long for the master of the household to walk over and superimposes himself in front of his friend, claiming his mommy as his own.

I had not seen it before, but my little guy apparently has the capacity for jealousy…but not with all things.  With his true friends he is quite generous.  Among my son’s closest friends is his Kermit the Frog, who admittedly is quite a tolerant being, allowing my son to gnaw on his limbs, eyes, and face…we should all be so lucky…  Holding Kermit, he waddles across the floor to where I am sitting like the tiny drunkard he is.  Once at my feet, he hands me his truest of friends, who I reward with a place on my lap and recounting of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, bouncing the frog at all the same places my son knows so well.  My son crawls over to his collection of books, digging through the piles until he finds the very story I am reciting.  Throwing it in my direction, he takes a seat next to me and watches in rapture as I turn the pages, bouncing his friend on my lap.  At times I could swear he conspired with Kermit at the parts of the story where one would be in for quite the ride.

The story concludes, and I begin another from memory.  My son finds the story among the group as he did the first, but while he gave it to me, he expressed a strong preference for a different one.  I should have known he would like his BFF to experience Piggy Paints…  My son reclaims his seat, basking in the enjoyment he knew his friend was experiencing.  Hmmm…maybe he just doesn’t like girls…


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