A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

The Multiple Uses of a Toddler

Little Man occasionally likes to make himself useful to his mommy…when he isn’t interfering with me cooking dinner by clutching my legs in an effort to prevent himself from floating away…gravity is apparently a problem in my house…  The weather is turning cooler, and my skin is a barometer for the change.  The mere hint of altered leaves, and the largest organ of my body begins to flake and tickle despite my perpetual greasing efforts.

My son and I are sitting stacking blocks into towers, well attempting to anyway.  I announce that I am itchy.  It doesn’t matter where the impulse occurs, as my son will pull at my right leg and with shear grit lift the material of my pants as high as he can manage…which isn’t all that high, incidentally.  He is a terrible scratching apparatus, as his efforts are more of a sporadically placed light rub, but he revisits the same spot time and again that he envisions must be the chi for all of my experienced prickling.  When he is convinced my discomfort has ceased, he returns my pant leg to its proper place and resumes his building and demolition efforts.

What are your thoughts?

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