A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Kisses for the Masses

I’m reading books about siblings to my son.  One is particularly sweet, You Were the First.  Since it was presented to him, he’s wanted encore vocal enactments throughout the day and into the evening.  I’m not sure what about it he loves so much.  Perhaps it is the illustrations of the growing little boy, from a baby to a little man like him.  Maybe it’s because he understands some of the text…gesturing certain vocabulary words each time I read through the pages.

Sometimes he rests his head on me and listens quietly, particularly in the evening, only pointing to his belly at the designated part.  But, he always insists on some sort of cuddle when he chooses this particular story.

Today, however, Little Man demonstrated a new gesture.  The boy in the book was the first to blow kisses.  Mr. Man unmistakably lifts his beautiful hand to his mouth mimicking the gesture over and over, and as I push on, he flips back to the very page documenting his new skill.  I guess it’s important to be the big brother…

* * *

As a follow-up, this morning before beginning the text of the story, I opened the book to the cover page with an illustration of a swaddled baby boy.  My growing boy viewed the image and lifted his shirt, pointing to his belly.  Gold star for me; my son knows where babies come from and he is only eighteen-months-old!  Although, it might be the source of some confusion for anyone who never followed the Alien Nation series…

What are your thoughts?

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