A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

A Baby in the Making…

My son is all about “baby” these days, and that’s before he can appreciate the cuteness of the girl styles at Baby Gap.  The Chinese four-year-old responsible can be proud of the craftsmanship, but I digress.

Just before bed Little Man wants me to read Pat-a-Cake, which I’m convinced was created only to prevent parents the world over from passing on the incorrect rhyme to future generations.  This is an incredibly stupid book with horrible illustrations, and I can’t believe a publisher invested money in its generation.  But, periodically, my son retrieves it from the shelf, so what do I know?

Tonight, however, I was befuddled.  True, he’s been picking up any book remotely connected the word, “baby,” for me to read for an agonizing amount of repetitions, but Pat-a-Cake puzzled me…I’ll blame it on fatigue…  I look at Little Man who is lifting up his fire truck jammie shirt and patting his belly whenever the rhyme mentioned, “baby.”  When I eventually caught on, he smiled, exposed my belly, and patted it.  Even at eighteen months it seems he can’t wait to meet his sister…

What are your thoughts?

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