A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

The Quality of the Pre-Show Performance

I had a terrible doctor at first when I was pregnant with my son.  Unwilling to acknowledge the possibility of a longer cycle, he declared with his twenty-five years of experience that at “eight weeks” I was definitely going to miscarry.  His comment an abrupt assertion seemingly oblivious to the devastation such news provides.  Given my all too familiar gasping for air while lunging across the room as my son opens the toilet lid for the second time in an hour in order to plunge the entirety of both arms into the bowl, he definitely survived the initial growing process.  Even looking back when all is well, I remember the consequence of my initial doctor’s proclamation that led to an inability to enjoy my pregnancy until my son’s first movements at seventeen weeks.

My experience with the Warrior Queen have been blessedly uneventful.  First trimester went, and it seems similar with the second.  This time around she asserted her presence at fourteen weeks, but now approaching seventeen I feel her more regularly if I pay attention.  The result of uneventful and repeated experience is procrastination.  It feels like my husband and I are not in a hurry to initiate plans for my daughter’s arrival just yet.  Maybe it just feels good to be pregnant without a possible demise looming or the needs of the unknown.

My pregnancies have been both similar and different.  Apparently I was a rockstar with abdominal strength training in between pregnancies.  Even with a slutty uterus, I’m still carrying quite high this second time around.  Showing earlier, I started struggling to breathe earlier.  By now the lack of oxygen flowing to my brain as I excitedly gaze upon seasonal chocolate options in a store is almost more than I can bear.  I’ve mentioned it before, but at times it’s quite silly what limited activity forces me to pause and catch my breath.

I haven’t reduced my exercise all that much, but I can tell that within the next month I will be forced to do so.  Over exertion a couple of days ago prompted an overwhelming need to sleep the entirety of the day…Naturally my son was amendable to such an idea…  But, I’ll take the inconvenience and periodic discomfort of pregnancy as long as it remains uneventful.  With two children two years apart, I’ll have as much drama as I need soon enough.

What are your thoughts?

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