A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Unspoken Truths

There are certain pleasantries I’ve come to acknowledge through this journey of Mommyhood that are so routine and consistent that I can label them as universal truths of raising my son.  For example, the smell of the diaper is inversely proportional to the size of the catastrophic presence hidden within.  My husband and I have been duped on several occasions, often perplexed or disappointed by the pebble that managed to contaminate our entire downstairs within minutes.  Describing this as a disappointing experience might seem strange, but a miniscule finding is an indication that likely within five minutes we will be changing a mass that will take us by surprise at the least opportune time.  I usually only discover said mass when Mr. Man is in a cuddly mood, crawling all over me in hugs and sweetness.  It’s usually when his tushie is in my face that I become aware; naturally, he finds this hilarious…

Another truth, the size of the smile is indicative of the magnitude of the disaster created.  My son’s most jovial expressions are always a foreshadowing to the bedlam I will find.  Sometimes when he knows it’s a real doozy, he runs into the room in crying spams and pointing for me to follow him…clearly his toys and all of his clothing made him do it…  I’m waiting for an Animal House layout that includes broken windows and askew furniture when he decides he’s bored with his daily spa in our toilets.  If, however, he concludes that he will restrict his destruction to emptying every trash receptacle in the vicinity, then he will spend twenty minutes beaming at me until I figure out something is amiss.

A final truth consists of my little man’s ability to entertain himself.  It doesn’t matter how engrossing the activity or how long we’ve been playing together.  He will be completely content until I need to make a phone call.  It is only those times that he really needs Mommy, and it must happen at that very minute.  The more important the call, the more urgent his needs.  My son is strategic though.  Sometimes he hollers and screams so that the conversation is really two people just talking and hoping the discourse is vaguely compatible.  Other times he is quiet, but chooses those very times to climb the furniture in an effort to visit the hospital…because of Mommy’s heart failure…

If I want to reframe these annoyances, as I’m sure all parents try to do, I’d say he is developing his own personality…Clearly, these aspects are influences from Daddy…


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