A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Near-Fetal Attraction

Shocking, we spent the morning and early afternoon at our favorite indoor play spot…  There is a funny crowd consistency I’ve noticed over the last couple of visits.  It is nearly empty the first hour they are open, but immediately becomes jammed with kids until about eleven-thirty.  Then the place is delightfully empty once again.  It was after my twenty-two-month-old son’s Hobbit-like second lunch at almost noon when he saw her…

I think she is a college student who clearly loves her job and children’s festivities.  She was behind a closed door in the structured program room preparing or cleaning something, when I see my little man climb on a chair outside, and creepily attempt to leer through the window.  I assumed there was something fancy happening in there that captured his attention…like a fan…or some lights…clearly Harvard awaits…

The young woman emerges and on long legs crosses to the front desk in what would take me an embarrassing amount of more steps to cover.  Little Man takes off after her, gripping the gate that prevents little person access to the employee section and just stares.  Eventually, she notices and bends down to talk to my future awkward middle schooler; my son chuckling in her undivided attention.  Bless her, she came out to play with him.

I knew we needed to leave, but Mr. Macho Man was enthralled, showing the woman the various toy attractions he appreciates.  He even kind of danced for her, something very few see at this point, and for good reason.  It resembles a bouncing epileptic chicken, but he’s almost two, so it’s still cute.  My suspicion is that his signature moves will not progress beyond what we are seeing now, and I only hope it is not captured on uTube next to the Elaine segment when he can no longer claim that his motor skills have not fully developed.  My son was a bit shy about fully busting a move like he does at home.  Sure, he was giggling almost uncontrollably, but he was a bit too embarrassed to fully commit to what my husband and I see many evenings without much cajoling.

Little Man was riveted by her regard for thirty minutes; following her around everywhere she embarked.  Part of me was simply enjoying the spectacle, but then this dark thought crossed my mind.  Sure, I’m not savvy enough to unblock our television’s porn channels, but I don’t feel confident that my son hasn’t managed at this point, and has a grand scheme after my husband and I are long asleep.  Perhaps this is the root of his speech delay, and he eventually will become known to all around him as “Lips McGee,” the man who knows how to keep his mouth shut…


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