A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Best in Show

I completely accept I’m that mother.  I can’t help it, and I blame Gap as the gateway store.  While I am fairly indifferent about what my son wears, baby girl clothing is adorable.  Not all of it, but I find myself browsing certain selections often in rapturous sighs over some of the girl infant fashions out there.  If some of it weren’t obscenely expensive, I would horde it in a closet so I could paw each item on a regular basis until my tenant is handed her eviction notice.

I resisted the impulse to buy things for the duration of this pregnancy, which is a bit heartbreaking since there have been so few purchases explicitly for the Warrior Queen.  My husband and I hadn’t really thought about her clothing, thinking she would mostly wear my son’s jammies for a while.  After all, does it matter if she has an outfit of blue whales or elephants?

I’ve been feeling like garbage with maybe a week or two left of this horribly tedious pregnancy, but the lack of nesting impulse on my end has been embraced by my husband.  He took out Little Man’s newborn jammies and clothing and washed them.  I abstractly knew a significant chunk the clothing Mr. Man wore during those beginning days would be inappropriate for the Warrior Queen, but his statement that we have no clothing for our little girl prompted me to go online and spend a generous gift card I’ve been holding untouched for entirely too long.

I’m too embarrassed to openly admit the degree of my delight buying things for my daughter, but I will say that I managed, at least, to make purchases that aren’t completely ridiculous from a practical standpoint…except the pink tutu dress that I’d been coveting since I first saw it.  She won’t be able to wear it until she is at least three-months-old.  I don’t even like pink, but, oh my, when I saw its reduced price, it was a sign.  The Warrior Queen must have its soft ruffled gauzey awesomeness, and I will love every moment  taking pictures of her indifferent face when the moment arrives for her debut sporting it.

Even once the fog of the first sleepless months is lifted, I will continue to struggle dressing myself in well coordinated ensembles, but for what my appearance lacks will be compensated by my impulse purchases on her behalf.


4 responses to “Best in Show

  1. Lana The Mother April 6, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    I really think it doesn’t matter if she’s gonna wear her brother’s clothes, for me I like the boy’s clothes more. It’s so great how we as mothers are able to make sacrifices for our kids. I really loved your post. When is your due date, if I may ask?


    • apprehensively expecting April 6, 2016 at 1:15 pm

      Thank you, Lana! My due date is the first week of May, but I trend early. I’m thinking she will be born in the realm of the next two weeks…I’m certainly hoping so anyway… 😉

      The jammies don’t matter, but the boy clothing I have just don’t do it for me. Besides, I’ve been pining over some of the girl stuff since before I was pregnant this time around…Never thought I’d be that Mom, but apparently am… Nothing crazy, but some of the stuff is just so cute! Might as well take advantage while she is too young to object. 🙂


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