A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Wake-up Call!

It’s been a grueling time, but I’m not sure why.  Other than a whole mess of sick, things are not that bad, but I’m finding longer gaps between posts than I’d like.  I have my list of topics, yet time escapes, and nothing produced but a couple unfinished pieces and penned wish lists.

But, yesterday was a moment taking its slot at the front of my noted scrawled lines.  Warrior Queen at four months was sleeping after her first feeding of the day.  My son descending the stairs with his newfound boisterous chatter.  I understood a fraction of what he said, but he was so excited for his day to begin, I didn’t need to understand more than his vacillations between eggs and toast and lotta poop.

Little Man always seeks his sister immediately entering our main downstairs living area.  This morning no exception as he hovered in front of Warrior Queen shrieking, “Baby sleep!”  I was too late shushing him, and my fierce one woke with a startle.  Immediately, though, she saw Little Man beaming at her, and there were smiles abound.  My daughter just so excited to see the two of us stalking at her feet that her jazz legs began performing their gyrations, and gummy grins engulfed her face.

Mr. Man danced and pointed.  I laughed and tended to the eggs and toast.

What are your thoughts?

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