A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Unacknowledged Murphy’s Law No. 584

Warrior Queen is sick. Little Man is sick. My husband and I are not…yet. But, regardless if the adults in our foursome manage to shirk this one, all corners of our humble abode and my entire person are a perpetual mucusy quagmire of oozing liquidy gunk.

Image result for slimer

(If antagonists.wikia.com had Slimer drooling enough to require an attached vat under his chin, this would encapsulate my existence right now.)

And, it isn’t my winning rendition of a human Slip ‘n’ Slide that is the worst part of my present situation. The most tortuous piece is the knowledge that I will be unable to scrub off my membrane for the duration of the day and well into the evening because the way it works is that the more moist my children are, the longer stretch I will have to endure before I can shower.

What are your thoughts?

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