A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Silver Linings

Overnight had all the makings as a prelude to a hideous day. My husband had an obligation to attend Saturday. He didn’t sleep well either, but I was the one to retrieve the hungry infant. I was tired and angry that he didn’t rise instead. Midway through the 4am feeding I climbed down from my wooden cross. Had I asked for him to own the task, he wouldn’t have hesitated.

Image result for martyr on cross

(This is how I see myself managing to function well before the sun even considers appearing. Thank you, State Hermitage Museum!)

I was set for a challenge. My husband would be leaving early, I would be left with a toddler recovering from a garden variety nose cold, which translates to energetic enough to destroy the house, yet grumpy enough to be annoying. I was also left with an infant pursuing every attempt to return to my uterus in the most fussy way possible. I can’t blame the Warrior Queen. She is sick and teething. But, as much as I empathize, it isn’t pleasant.

Immediately, my daughter was disgruntled. Usually, she knocks off after the first feeding for a spell; not this morning. Her trend the past couple days are early morning poops that could wake the dead with her shrieking. She is formula fed, which yields to what looks like a painful product at times…or maybe she’s just a talker. My son had a speech delay, so I was not blessed with unhappy baby babbling complaints in incomprehensible utterances that seem to make perfect sense.

Image result for angry baby

(Web Awards has nothin’ on Warrior Queen…)

I’d meant to exercise. It’s one of the few things that can pull me out of a funk, even one induced by restless sleep. But, my fierce girl only got it together as Little Man was singing his greeting to an empty room. The day was looking dodgy, and it barely began.

Image result for cabaret dancer

(Vintage Everyday perfectly captures what I see in the monitor when my son awakens from a good sleep.)

I’d tried with lukewarm aggression to find an engrossing activity, but to no avail. Flummoxed, I opted for a seldom used diversion these days. We drove to the mall.

It’s an interesting thing. It doesn’t really matter what type of terror greets me in his crib; Little Man does well out and about for the most part. Saturday was no exception. However, as much as I knew he would be fine once we left the house, our destination turned into such a remarkable day.

My daughter sat in her bucket, smiling the way she does. Raspberries are her thing lately. With an expressive tongue jetting between her lips, she excitedly told me stories. For now, even though I’m a distant second to her brother, she’s still pretty tickled to see me. Her smiles encompassing so much of her face, they leave me expecting the top of her head to unhinge and fall behind her.

Our first stop was something to eat. The stores weren’t open yet, but a chain café was. I bought a turkey sandwich with avocado for my breakfast…because c’mon, avocado… It goes without saying a large iced tea accompanied. My son treated to an overpriced container of grapes. I love that they were such a indulgence for him. The fact that they were the size of a baby’s fist made him jubilant; telling me how large the items of his second breakfast were. I suppose that’s the purpose of genetic engineering…conversations for toddlers…

Image result for grapes size of baby fist

(InyMiny thinks it’s all about the turtle, and that’s all well ‘n’ good, but they were some serious grapes…)

Little Man heeded me for almost the entire two-and-a-half hours we were there. He was delighted to travel throughout this expansive building finding all the elevators. He has the height of a child a year older, so he relished pushing the buttons, and feeling the slow pull to the next floor. There was very little arguing. There were no attempts or tantrums to use the escalator after I explained upon our arrival we couldn’t partake. Mr. Man took no issue with me using the potty. My son excited to wash his own hands the big boy way.

We walked up ramps and stairs. He told me of the sights he witnessed. He laughed. He experienced; all so mundane, yet wonderful.

He used a water fountain for the first time. Well, he tried to use it. He shoved the bottom part of his face in the cold water, but it was simply amazing to him.

Image result for child drenched in water

(Not a story for CNN, but Little Man rivaled this child in deft water fountain maneuvering.)

We ended our outing with a red balloon. I love the ones this store provides. They are free, and last maybe a day before deflating in a pathetic fizzle.

Little Man didn’t nap, surprisingly the Armageddon of a cranky toddler did not ensue. I read books and we pieced together puzzle pairs. Warrior Queen was only content when I held her, so her big brother helped me with pacifier duty. It was all inexplicably lovely.

A second large iced tea I smuggled home got me through, and my husband finally arriving home allowed me to exercise. As tired as I was, I felt terrific.

After sitting on my chest while I rested on the sofa and read some more stories, my son requested me to read him final good night tales, and tuck him in. I crashed into oblivion not much after.

2 responses to “Silver Linings

  1. N. November 4, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Sounds like a lovely day out 🙂 Sometimes it’s when you’re expecting the worst that you find yourself experiencing the best 😁 Although it works the other way around as well, so there’s that..


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