A Tale of Two Mommies

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A Visit Between Friends

I have certain friends we see regularly, but there are others the fates decide with whom I should limit our interactions. The friend I saw one week is a such person where the stars perpetually misalign and our plans are cancelled, sad really. When Little Man was a little little man, and her daughter was a similar aged sprite of a thing, we would walk the mall several times a week. Sometimes others would join us (It’s how I started organizing my mommy/parent social group.), but often not. I’m in a much better place these days, but I’m still nostalgic for those outings. I miss my friend and her spirited, determined daughter. I can’t place the reason for the significance of those lazy meanders, but they were lovely. Now we all have lives we’ve formed with our appendages who aren’t quite so young anymore.

I didn’t see my friend’s daughter, but with my turn of an abating cold we finally managed to meet after several cancellations after the other. It had been too long. I’ve seen her since Warrior Queen was born, but Mr. Man did not allow me to properly socialize on that occasion. Her daughter was with her then, but sadly she doesn’t remember me. I was one of the few adults who merited one of her smiles at the time. I hope to regain that familiarity once again…some day…when the dust continues to settle, and not like the tumbleweeds under our sofa because I’m a horrendous house keeper.

 Image result for tumbleweed(Don’t judge…I know 9Gag wouldn’t.)

This was a brief get together, which creates pressure for such an event to be memorable…Little Man did not disappoint. My husband was out of town for the week. Generally the week was fine, certainly not idyllic, but nothing that left me wanting to rip off my face. I don’t want to hash everything, so I will summarize that it was a little something of everything…some extraordinary lovelies…and some extraordinary no so lovelies. My son was wonderful with his sister, giving her toys, kisses, hugs and cuddles. He actually played appropriately and would attempt to cheer her up…usually unsuccessfully, but often it would be her shtick. She’s pretty feisty and opinionated for nine-months, and I love it. He is still her favorite person…on her terms. Such a powerful little girl. In intermittent waves he was also not so wonderful, but nothing like a few weeks back.

Most of the not so lovely was sleep related, subsequently making Mr. Man a raging douche. But, even those occurrences weren’t too much of a bear with their exhaustion aftermath. My positive outlook is likely related to my determined creation of good food to eat…and the free flowing iced tea I sought. Surprisingly, chocolate wasn’t a necessary crutch…for once, but considering I was shoving my face with it throughout the aforementioned time period, I’m cautious with my self accolades.

The trip to the mall to meet my friend was one of those craptastic mornings with my son waking entirely too soon, but not falling asleep all that early the previous night. Per usual, once we leave the house, he’s fine.

Spur of the moment I had my friend meet us a bit earlier…because it was that kind of morning, but it was a full hour before stores opened. Other than stocking the stroller with snacks and my iced tea, we were left to roam and populate the indoor play area that my son enjoys maybe five minutes. That morning we were the only occupants, but within a minute I notice my son taking off his pants, but couldn’t quite figure out completely that he must remove his shoes first. By the time I fully realized he was dropping trough, the deed was done, and he was garnered in a shirt and diaper full enough to look like a banana hammock.

It turned out he sat in something wet…where his diaper covers, mind you, and henceforth refused to wear said pants. Once I birthed and started schlepping two cherubs, I stopped towing every possible possession we might require. I keep the a couple diapers and wipes on me at all times with a few toys for Warrior Queen, but that’s it. Not a huge deal, my car is fully accessorized. We started to make the trek to my car before it occurred to me that there are hand dryers in the restrooms.

Change of course across the almost full expanse of a very large mall, my son sitting in his stroller seat eating his hummus and chips, sans pants. Whatever, he was behaving himself even if I received the occasional perplexed look from bystanders…Yes, I am aware it’s mid January…everyone is a comedian. In the middle of everything, Warrior Queen decided she was hungry because, of course, after finishing an eight ounce bottle, she would be hungry for another two hours later. But, I’m a pro with the ridiculous at this point. I propped a bottle with a blanket, and continued our stroll. Way back in little little man time this would have been a mad sprint to get my precious son clothed. Now very little prompts me to bust a move to get something done.

I was correct. A hand dryer was housed in the restroom, but it was one of those fancy smancy new age contraptions that is persnickety to function. I, however, won it over with my charm and we were off to the races.

Image result for dyson hand dryer (Doesn’t this look convenient to dry toddler pants in? I’m sure Ars Technica thinks so.)

My son stopped prancing around and agreed to acquiring more clothing once he was convinced the wet spot had, in fact, disappeared. But, as I lifted him on a low standing table, I realized he had humus smeared all over his little man diapered tushie. On the way to the restroom I noticed him eating his snack, but had completely forgotten where it was resting prior to our leave of the play area. It is now permanently imbedded within the mesh of the stroller seat, but he has dry pants!

After a quick check of the chick pea carnage, I went ahead and changed his diaper while he stood in front of me. Shockingly there was no issue of protest as I wrangled him back into the pants. He didn’t hose my face either. I’d say it was an all around win for the record books!

Everyone settled my friend and I began our stroll back through the mall. The stores now open, we stopped at a couple tried and true establishments who are quite kind and patient with my son. One makes sense, a small independent toy store, but they don’t care that we seldom buy anything despite visiting almost weekly. They are always so happy to see us. The other is a Tesla store housing a sample car. Our wandering in was an accident, but the salesmen welcomed Little Man to investigate the interior of the car.

We remained a bit after my friend left to return to work. The usual things…diaper change, potty break, and balloon inquiry. The remainder of the day and into the evening was smooth sailing, but I still counted down the days until my husband would return.


4 responses to “A Visit Between Friends

  1. ig February 23, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Hi there! I understand this is sort of off-topic however I needed to ask.
    Does managing a well-established blog such as yours take a lot of work?
    I’m completely new to running a blog but I do write
    in my journal every day. I’d like to start a blog so I can share my
    personal experience and views online. Please let me know if
    you have any suggestions or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers.


    • Allison Alter (apprehensively expecting) February 23, 2017 at 6:24 pm

      Thank you for thinking highly enough of my work to ask!

      I suppose it depends on your ultimate goal. My focus is on regular, quality content. My blog began as just stories and an about page…that’s it. Adding images is even a recent thing. I’ve grown it over the past couple years, as I’ve collected a slowly growing audience. I think of the message I want to communicate (which has changed as I have through his process), and add a page or whatever. It does take work, but I’ve found it manageable, even with a toddler and infant, as well as my volunteering obligations. The writing, mostly, gets easier with the practice. I think I have something like 151 posts at this point, but I’m certainly not publishing as much as I was when I first started. I’ve had to find a system to ensure there aren’t too many long lapses. Basically, I try to write roughly a month’s worth of posts when I’m in a zone, and schedule them to give me breathing room to tend to other things.

      WordPress is pretty user friendly. I’m reasonably tech savvy for a layperson, but nothing spectacular. Fairly intuitive, and you have the option to keep things private (with all or some of your blog) until you are ready to go public (if ever). For me the work is balancing everything I do, writing and otherwise. I’m trying to grow my parenting “brand” if you can call it that…blog, social media, advice/support column, etc. I’m also trying to diversify my publications. All of that takes a good amount of work, but you might not want to take things that far. Almost all of this with my writing wasn’t my original intention, but I didn’t expect much of an audience when I started either. All of this has become a bit addicting, actually. I can get pretty lonely and isolated tending to my children, and writing gives me a platform to be heard in the different respects I need, so I make it a priority I deserve.

      My general rule of thumb with blogging and other writing/”brand” experiments is, why not? Worst case scenario is I stop or delete a page/account I’m no longer investing in. But, as someone who follows others, people invest in your story, even if they don’t necessarily comment or “like” your work. It’s a community if you let it. So, start it, why not? See where it goes. A tremendous power in words, especially these days.

      In terms of growing an audience, I did almost no publicity in the beginning, didn’t even tell anyone. I was dreadfully afraid of what people would think. Horror stories about how nasty the internet is and all. I’ve started branching off with publications as I’ve grown confidence, and linked back to my blog. Most of my stuff is quietly rejected. I’m not sure who finds my stuff or where, but my publications probably made a pretty big impact on my traffic, especially HuffPost. But, it’s still slow. It took two years before I started getting comments. For whatever reason I’m getting a ton suddenly…or ton by my standards.

      Hope all of that is helpful!


  2. boscovs sales February 13, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Is it possible to make a spoiler button in blogger blog posts ? I don’t know javascript and know very basic html only. I’ve tried copying snippets of javascript into my posts to try but most of them doesn’t work. Some only works in the create post window but after publishing it doesn’t work anymore. Most buttons just does nothing after being clicked. Any solutions ?.


    • Allison Alter (apprehensively expecting) February 13, 2017 at 6:02 pm

      You are amazing for thinking I have any remote notion of what any of that is. I’m not a complete idiot technologically, but I’m not too far off from that threshold either. I use whatever WordPress offers that is fairly intuitive to navigate. I’m not a big bells n whistles kinda person. I focus on my content, and the rest is pretty low budget.


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