A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Life as Pictures…twosomes

I was all set to finish a couple of other posts and realized that I haven’t created this format for a bit…I like to mix it up.

The a-bit-older-than-two-and-a-half Warrior Queen and a-bit-older-than-four-and-a-half Little Man love to play with each other more than just about anything. The other night my son taking a bath. His sister apparently tall enough to climb in on her own had ripped off her diaper once again to join her brother…streaking has been her thing the past couple of weeks, and good luck catching her to replace the diaper she’d rather not wear. My husband and I watched them giggling as they tuned out the world. We have this random assortment of rubber duckies that must have been re-gifted to us throughout the years. The kids were using a couple of them to suck up the water and spray each other…or Little Man was anyway. Warrior Queen tried, but eventually her inefficiency yielded that she allow her big brother to monopolize the effort, and she loved every spray of it…busting in a hearty laugh as he did. I’m sure the flatulence-like noise urged the ruckus. Can’t say I disagree. As much as I redirect potty themed jokes, there is truly something hilarious about a solid tushie horn, even rubber toy inspired.

We are often together as a threesome, but three mornings a week Little Man has school. Shortly Warrior Queen will attend two mornings herself, and I will be without child for a few hours. My son and I don’t have nearly as many outings together, though we have moments smattered throughout the day. I sometimes forget to document these events, and then they fall to our collective history.


I take Warrior Queen to a library play group that she mostly loves. She will inquire about seeing the guy running it for days prior, but at the last moment becomes shy. She’s pretty big into men in general, but this particular person isn’t really her type. He’s a bit odd…nice, but odd. Regardless he holds this special magic for her, and she tracks him in the room even if she won’t actually speak to him. That’s also a surprising kind of thing. Warrior Queen isn’t usually coy with her greetings. She also isn’t usually reserved in a crowd or struggles to detach from my lap in public whatsoever. Lately she’s been super snugly with me at pretty much all times anyway, but it was notched to eleven this particular day.  Maybe it was because there were some older rowdy boys in attendance doing their rowdy boy thing? I have to say that as disappointed as it was that I couldn’t manage some work on the afghan, I soak in this kind of contact whenever offered. At some point these moments will cease to be. Even though my fierce sprite has been sick, waking from her nap grumpy and feeling lousy, I savor its implications. Mommy is the only answer for her, even falling asleep on me the other night when she awoke an hour too early from her snooze. Her favorite position it seems is to curl into my warmth with her head on my chest, arms pulling me closer. I think she likes listening to my heart…always has. She has a gentle snore to her sleep, and I get lost in my strokes to her cheek and hair. It doesn’t matter how badly I need to use the restroom, I always hope for a few moments more.


Little Man and I spent the rare day out together while my husband and Warrior Queen remained home in their sickly state. I’d promised him one venue too far from home, and upped the ante with a first ever arcade trip closer to the homestead, hoping it would entice him enough to switch gears…It did, which is not always the case. It probably took a good chunk from the college fund to pay for this outing, but totally worth it, crashing market be damned! Mr. Man immediately drawn to the indoor mini golf so easy that one would think I could fair quite well. I didn’t actually try, my best effort to ensure my son had ample time to play…and frankly I wasn’t sure he would finish one of the most points expensive attractions offered. For my part, I have subterranean levels of a competitive edge to my disposition, and an even more pathetic spacial ability. While he fumbled a great deal, I feel endlessly convinced I would have embarrassed myself in record making proportions, as I’d be totally owned by a preschooler no matter my concentration or effort. But, I like to think I’m a reasonably involved parent; I tried to teach Little Man the grip and stance…I clearly failed. But, he had fun, and we moseyed to the next distraction in an entirely too loud expansive room.


It’s kinda a thing how little athletic talent my family has from its various circles. My son is mostly no exception, but I give him profuse efforts for trying. Swipe after card swipe, Little Man delighted at shooting his hoops…eventually managed to swish some in. But, increasingly it became apparent that he was more captivated by the mechanism of the ball release. This is a timed game, but he’d periodically stop to evaluate how this particular machine functions. With remaining seconds, Little Man would stop his ball tossing, jumping, and flailing to bend over and watch the machine trap the balls. But, sometimes it wouldn’t, so I could see him puzzle such things to the point of me reminding him he could still try to score more points…or tickets or whatever. Toward the end he was doing well, no longer launching the balls outside of the contraption or behind the basket never to be seen until an additional ball landed on top of it, knocking the stuck one back into circulation. Little Man, the embodiment of effort rewarded…I should have created a meme…if I knew how to do such a thing. But, then he figured the machinery to his specific undisclosed standards, and he was abruptly off to another flashing mechanism. I halted his momentum, so he could finish the allotted time. He immediately threw his heart and excitement back into his ball throwing game for those trickling seconds, but his mind made its determination. We scouted the next source of excitement at the first possible moment.

5 responses to “Life as Pictures…twosomes

  1. Sight11 January 7, 2019 at 7:11 am

    It’s good to know that they are growing up, I hope you had a cheerful New Year celebration with them. Tell me Allison, are you busy as usual. I hope you’re enjoying the growth of personal emotions and professional success.


    • Allison Alter (apprehensively expecting) January 7, 2019 at 6:51 pm

      Thank you, Sight. I hope you are well and challenging yourself to try something new in the coming year.

      The short of it is, yes, always busy… It’s been a pretty intense cold season here. All of us have been in almost a constant state of sickness for weeks. Nothing serious, but I could do without it. I’m fighting something now…

      Warrior Queen starts school two mornings next week…same place and times as Little Man, which means I get a nice chunk of time for a few months. I haven’t had that…ever. Coincidentally a writing group facilitator I like will be running a group for a month dirt cheap. It is perfect timing and a great location to me. I’ve been writing for this blog, but my writing otherwise is nonexistent. I like this woman, as I usually feel inspired afterward to finish something I tinkered with in the group. I need something like that, I think. So, I’m excited. I think this blog has been going so long that it stops registering as writing. Does that make sense? I enjoy it and all…glad I’ve been maintaining it, but it isn’t the same as when I complete an unrelated piece. Anyway, that will start next week as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sight11 January 9, 2019 at 3:45 am

        Well, it does come under writing, but it’s like keeping a diary of all the memories you’ve with the kids , I think you write great. It’s good to read, for me it’s something different, something refreshing. And yes it does make sense. Maybe you are a writer, you love writing, and that’s the reason you feel inspired when you are with like minded beings in that group. If you want to explore yourself as a writer, it’s the best time to experiment. It’s always good to have some personal time. Enjoy, and take care.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Allison Alter (apprehensively expecting) January 9, 2019 at 4:25 pm

        Thank you, you are kind. It’s a funny thing. I can easily say that I write…the verb a nothing admission. The noun, however…I couldn’t possibly be a noun!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sight11 January 10, 2019 at 8:06 am

        You never know until you try, and seeing you, also knowing a little about you. You can take up new things and excel at the same time. Allison don’t say couldn’t. Always say can.

        Liked by 1 person

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