A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Contact Info

Feel free to repost or use my stuff on anything except my blog, “Tell Me a Story: but, sometimes excerpts prevail…” (The work on that site I might be trying to publish elsewhere that has specific parameters regarding publishing.).  Just give credit linked to Tale of Two Mommies, and you’re all set.

If you’d like to contact me privately, please, email me at apprehensively.expecting@gmail.com. If you request me to email you in my comment section, I will not be able to do so. I can’t explain why, but my email initiations bounce back to me every time. However, I’d love to hear from you and share ideas, so, please, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Finally, please follow me on one of my experiments, Twitter (@MultipleMommies). I can’t promise anything profound, but hopefully I occasionally will provide a few laughs and some interesting information about children and family issues.

A side note regarding my comment section, with increasing frequency I’m receiving many kind notes of support and encouragement. I truly appreciate them! Initially I attempted to respond to each one, but I’m starting to struggle with the task. I will continue to answer questions in my comment section as I receive them, but likely not be responding otherwise. I cannot emphasize the depth of my gratitude for the time you take in reading my words, furthermore dropping me a kind line. While I will no longer be thanking each of you individually, please know that each of you is part of my inspiration to continue.

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