A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Help Wanted?

I have small visions/ambitions for my writing. Mostly I’m content to fly by the hem of my black dresses, but I think it would be super nifty to write a parenting advice/support column. My work is out there, so one never knows what will find me on this road, but I’ve never been particularly patient with these types of things. Consequently, why not attempt this small slice of my dream within the context of my humble blog?

Through organizing my parenting social group, I’ve benefited from scores of random conversations from an eclectic assortment of parents. Even behind the anonymity of our screens, us caregivers are more of a community of commonalities than we, otherwise, might realize. It would thrill and honor me to help or support others through the turmoil of parenting/caregiving dilemmas and unpleasantries, so if you require an ear…or support, please, send it along. I’ll publish the concern and my response within the body of my blog, but categorized and tagged for search ease in the event my readers find this ambition of mine a worthy pursuit.

I can be reached via email: apprehensively.expecting@gmail.com (subject line: HELP), through Stroller Derby, or my Twitter account @MultipleMommies. I look forward to connecting with you!

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