A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…

Stroller Derby

What I love best about the parenting online blogging community are the supportive comments and encouragement I’ve read.  During the very early weeks after the birth of my son, I felt an avalanche of loneliness and isolation; I did not have a community of other mothers/parents to help me muddle through some of the more trying times that slammed into me so.

Recently, I’ve found myself speaking with pregnant first time moms about the importance of finding new mom groups for after their little ones were born.  I am surrounded by very populated areas, but, even with such a luxury, it can be difficult to find groups that are well attended and helpful.

As such, I’ve created a Facebook page as a resource for all parents or primary caregivers, knowing that fathers and others would benefit from having a community to share stories, tricks of the trade, and receive support in the care of children.  This is a new pursuit, so the community is new, but I hope it grows and is helpful to others.  Please, become involved, share, and provide feedback as to how my latest endeavor can be more successful.

Stroller Derby can be found here!

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