A Tale of Two Mommies

…because more seems excessive…


Creating this page I wonder if I should admit openly my perseveration on eating good food. Probably not, but I feel it is important to illustrate my household priorities. I am an exceedingly lousy housekeeper, but I need to be excited about the food I consume. Consequently, I’m in charge of most of the cooking. While it’s an activity I enjoy, I don’t have all that much time, and I certainly don’t have a patient crew of humans keeping me company day in and day out while I plan for daily and evening food festivities.

Over the years I developed my own or tweaked various other recipes that enables me to feel satisfied, yet maintain a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. The recipes I provide are relatively easy with accessible ingredients. Incidentally, I cook with fat free products whenever I can, but the meals would definitely work with light or full fat products. In general, substituting ingredients to fit specific tastes should be fine.

A final comment regarding the below recipes. The meals I list are things my son eats without issue most of the time. He is a good eater, but definitely has his preferences. More impressively than an agreeable toddler is that at some point I’ve served all of these to visitors that include both adult and child picky eaters. Usually, guests ask for seconds, and they have no idea the food I serve is low calorie unless I tell them.

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