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Site and Product Promotions

It never occurred to me that people or companies would want my help promoting their stuff, so I never developed a mechanism for it on my site. I don’t have all that much time to read the blogs of other people, though I follow several. Some writers I truly enjoy, but it always disappointed me to wait for a new piece only to discover it’s an advertisement of some sort…or to have the blogger drop whatever miscellaneous products in between text. I don’t want my readers to experience the same rub, especially when my post publication isn’t always as frequent as I’d like.

That said, sometimes I receive a request to promote material or a product, and I like what I see. I don’t want to add it to my archives holding my memories and reflections, as I like to keep things tidy and my content consistent and predictable. But, fundamentally, I want this blog to entertain and help people. So, in the event I’m asked or stumble upon a site or product that I think is good, but does’t fit my idea of a resource, I’ll publish it here. At this time I haven’t received financial compensation for promotions; the requests are more of a favor than anything else. But, in the event that changes I’ll be sure to disclose such information.

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Particularly when I was teaching in the public sector, I relied heavily on sites that provided worksheets and worksheet generators. In special education, district provided materials were a luxury I didn’t always have…Usually when I did, they were stolen within a month. The internet is an unbelievable tool in that regard. It’s a way to attempt leveling the access play field (and why preserving Net Neutrality is indescribably important, especially for the most vulnerable among us). While I didn’t use Education.com specifically for my classroom materials, it is quite similar to what I found the most valuable when providing instruction. But, it doesn’t have to be something exclusive for educators in a classroom setting. Sometimes parents need something productive to give kids…or reinforcement of skills. Sometimes it’s a rainy day of losing your mind with boredom and too much Paw Patrol. Whatever the reason, take a look. A free sample at the bottom; let me know what you think!

Keep the reading skills going with this fun reading match up. Continue the reading practice at Education.com with more resources, games, and fun!

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