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Hopes and Plans

I had designs to write a type of New Year post…something short…trite…everything this time of year might expect in a blog. But, Warrior Queen became sick, and it’s a pretty nasty one too. It’s only a matter of time before that shit spreads, and I can’t wait! Little Man returned to school this week…finally. It was only a week-and-a-half, but it felt like a month. I’d been itching to return to normalcy, but I had an additional week to go before that happened. I’m in the home stretch, and I can’t wait!

I don’t create resolutions; I never felt compelled. That said, there are things I want to remember specifically with this transition.

Warrior Queen has a bedtime routine with me these days. I push her to the precipice of a sleep hunker down before she issues her edict that only she can manage, “Rock!” She sits on my lap facing outward as I rock on the chair I’ve owned since college. She garbles her displeasure, “I falling!” and pushes my face away with her small hands when I cuddle the incorrect way. But I hold her, listening to her light breathing. I can’t see her face, so I periodically ask her how she is. In incremental quiet utterances, “Good.” It’s a funny declaration; a heavy, strong guttural assertion. I ask her how she is all the time, so that I can giggle on the regular before her speech is more developed, and significantly less endearing in this respect. The now twenty-month-old Warrior Queen doesn’t like me to count down at the end of a routine as her brother requires. It strikes me as funny because some of her favorite books involve numbers. And, whenever in doubt what a new favorite story will be, my money is always on anything with some kind of counting. But, just before her sleep we rock together for a stretching time because I have a deep need to snuggle her in the uninterrupted quiet. The other night I hummed some concoction I created on the spot. I repeat rhythms when I express these musical inclinations. Warrior Queen recognized the patterns quickly, and attempted to hum along with me with surprising accuracy, but maybe she’s just growing older. She almost fell asleep on me that night. Her hands jutting up to cradle her head the way they used to when she was a baby…I miss that.

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(It’s even more adorbs when it’s an infant.)

Gradually her head became heavier on my arms, but she continued to answer my inquires with a whisper. That wasn’t how I spent my New Year’s Eve, but I think I’ll celebrate that moment as the conclusion to a trying year I hope will improve as I roll through another calendar designation.

And, how can I forget Little Man? I wish every comment he’s made over the last several months could be preserved. We managed a hair-cut for him, and he’s always so very chatty…about really random wonderful things. The stylist asked how his Christmas was, “We don’t celebrate Christmas. We celebrate Hanukkah, and it’s over now.” As I had my own locks experience an overdue trim, I found myself shaking in buried laughs with his narration.

I took him to the grocery by himself on New Year’s day. Most of it was a rare truly annoying away from home experience, but I’ll focus on the highlight of the trip. I drink a good amount of water…and tea throughout the day. Restroom trips are a running gag between me and my husband, and the chuckles increase exponentially when I’m pregnant. The perfect segue with Little Man left me devastated to find they were cleaning the bathroom. Like most parents understand, having children is to hold oneself in a constant state of needing to use the facilities, but I still don’t like it. My son is witness to the degree to which my back teeth will float more than I should probably admit. Eventually, I manged relief and we resumed my hurried and imperfect efforts to check items off my list amidst a three-and-a-half-year-old losing his luster.

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(Familiar, right?)

Searching a shelf I caught my dearest first born describing to the two teens stocking shelves the degree to which Mommy needed to pee, and how I went about to remedy the situation. I found the items I needed, commented that they must feel pleased that their lives can resume with such pertinent information for their existence, and jetted off before Little Man destroyed the store. In that moment he was keeping it together, but part of parenting is developing a sixth sense of when shit is about to go down…My accuracy is unparalleled and this outing reinforced my impressive average. But, those other stories are not how I wish to remember the turning of another guard.

Maybe that’s what I’ll carry with me into this new span, pointedly remembering the pieces I want to cherish, and extinguishing the pieces that shouldn’t take up any more real estate in my gray matter than absolutely necessary. After all, there are already some pretty fantastic things to look forward to. And, if I’m exceptionally lucky, the fruition of some of my greatest hopes will come to pass, and I can’t wait!


Resolutions Resolve

I can’t remember the last time I was up until midnight, and last night was no exception.  My husband and I managed to accidentally stay awake until almost ten.  I think we both planned on passing out by eight-thirty tops, but it just didn’t work out that way.  Little Man also went to bed on the later side of his usual time, too excited with anticipation of the next year that hopefully won’t bring about a Trump or Cruz president…after all, I thought the Aztec Armageddon prediction already passed…Sorry, my liberal politics are showing, and that is not how I want to discuss my festivities…I don’t have antacids handy…

Since my husband and I were long asleep by the stroke of the New Year, I’m celebrating the change this morning.  I christened our new toaster oven, curtsey of a very speedy Amazon delivery yesterday.  But, I would like to take a moment to pay tribute to our old appliance, as it mustered a good fight up until the very end.  True, the bottom heating coils ceased working consistently some time ago, but there were spurts of efficacy triggered by snack machine whacks and shaking, which I will always appreciate.  We had a good run, but the New Year brings about new adventures and new friends.

This morning’s breakfast was a compilation of meager leftover ingredients because we desperately need to go to the store.  I opted to go full out crazy and deviate from my standard egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, resulting in a, “Meh,” but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I’m starting the New Year toasting the remnants of my cold that wants to keep the fight alive with my last bag of vanilla decaffeinated tea.  In the coming year I do not believe I will be restocking this particular flavor.  It’s good enough, but this year I hope to strive for more from life than mediocrity with my beverages.  In that same vein I hope to take a similar aggressive stance with my meals.  I will not be repeating that breakfast sandwich combination.

Clearly, however, such blasé ambitions for this latest calendar transaction did not pass to my son.  He decided to change it up and have three of his friends join him in his crib all night.  Usually he kicks everyone out just before his final settle like a last call bartender.  But, last night was for celebrating, so during this morning’s wake-up call, I was greeted with three stuffed animals littered in his crib with an anxious little man eager to send everyone home.  I think he was embarrassed because his hardy partying yielded an exceptional leak through all of his garments.  I must continue to thank him throughout the day because all New Years should begin with a full load of laundry.

My daughter decided to greet me in bed first thing this morning with active festivities in my belly.  I’m not sure what limbs were wailing on my internal structures, but I could feel her for the first time on the outside.  I guess she wanted a memorable transition because it was only two days ago she wasn’t quite strong enough for such an effect.  I bet she could take-on Trump or Cruz…

So, Happy New Year to all of my readers.  I don’t make resolutions per se, but I look forward to another year of change, ebbs, and flows.  May you all receive the serendipitous surprise of the unexpected; sometimes it’s better than what we hope for.

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